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What’s at the top of your wishlist right now?

  • To grow your email list exponentially?
  • To become the go-to expert in your field?
  • Or simply to smash through your ambitious sales targets?

If you already have a great brand then the next step is to add fuel to your sales and marketing efforts to help your business sizzle and grow. And all the best campaigns run on creative ingenuity…​

your next step: 

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well Hello firestarter…

Luckily our super power is creative ingenuity. And we love harnessing it to help our clients reach their sales and marketing goals. With intelligent strategy, clever concepts and engaging designs we create marketing and communication tools that make your products and services shine and your business soar!




Let’s take an hour to discuss your sales and marketing goals and challenges. We'll identify anything that could be standing in your way and then brainstorm some exciting ideas to take your marketing to the next level.



From your website design right through to your campaigns, Firestarter can create everything you need in order to succe​ed

(all perfectly on point, and beautifully on brand!)


Let us help you write the brief

We believe creative people are often brought into the marketing process too late. The brief’s already written and the project’s already urgent. And designers are programmed to respond to the brief, so they do whatever the client asked for. Without question. Good job well done. Except what if...



What if?

What if there’s a better idea? Something no one's thought of before. Or what if there’s a way of turning something conventional into the unexpected, making it so distinctive and memorable that people can’t help but notice, soak it up and then take action?



From blank canvas to bankable results

We want to work with you from the outset, when all you have is a challenge and a big blank canvas. We’ll form exciting ideas on how we can differentiate you and get you noticed for all the right reasons. Then we’ll turn those great ideas into one heck of a powerful marketing advantage.




Our clients are entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors. They usually operate in the B2B space and they’re here for a reason. They have a burning mission. Our clients are passionate, driven and focused. They know how far an amazing brand and dedicated team can take them. We share a natural affinity with our clients. We’re on the same journey!


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