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dReaming of launching something AMAZING?

A trail-blazing new business? An innovative product? A flourishing franchise chain? Light the touch paper, you’ve found Firestarter! We design brands that make it easy for you to turn your new venture into a success, enabling you to win business…

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Imagine how fast your business would grow if you could package all OF your unique value and communicate it to the world with every breath


Designed to help you reach brand clarity, we’ll start the strategy session by setting clear goals for your brand and sketching out your roadmap to achieving them. We share the four key elements you need to get right from the start and how they’ll result in making you irresistible to everyone you need to attract to your business. Plus you’ll take away lots of ideas and inspiration to boot!


We help you to unravel and understand your full value and then present it in the form of an irresistible, AUTHENTIC AND stand-out BRAND 


The kind of brand that disrupts your niche by positioning you as the go-to expert. The kind of brand that helps you turn leads into happy customers, and happy customers into loyal advocates. The kind of brand that is so authentically you, it fits like a second skin!



Brand Strategy, AKA Your Success Formula

 We start by planning how best to position you. The market space you’ll fill and how you’ll light up in that space. We get clear on your vision, values and brand personality, who your ideal customers are, what motivates them to buy and how we can whip them into a frenzy by what you do.


A Killer Value Proposition

Your pitch in a nutshell, your unique value proposition tells people why you’re here, how you’re different, who can tap into your magic, and exactly why they will relish becoming your customer. This is your power pitch and we help you write it to perfection.


An Irresistible Visual Identity

So different, yet so authentic, your brand identity will be ingeniously designed to draw your ideal customers like a magnet! Here everything comes to life - your logo and brand styling. Colours, fonts and image style. All explained within a clear and easy-to-use Brand Bible.



Our clients are entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors. They usually operate in the B2B space and they’re here for a reason. They have a burning mission. Our clients are passionate, driven and focused. They know how far an amazing brand and dedicated team can take them. We share a natural affinity with our clients. We’re on the same journey!


  • on your own terms
  • charging the prices you want to charge
  •  just by being yourselves and doing what you do best

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