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Is your brand still a perfect fit for your business? Or do you have a corporate muffin top - squeezing into an identity that’s no longer fit for purpose? Counting down from 10 to 1, here are our most significant indicators that it’s high time to rebrand and we’ll also take a realistic look at when not to. Does your bum look big in this? Let’s dip in and find out...



Straight in at number 10…


your brand has become confusing and inconsistent 

'It’s become a mishmash of different styles!'


This is likely to happen over the years. What once started as a powerful and perfectly formed brand can lose it’s strength and consistency over time. After many campaigns and internal changes when different marketing managers and/or designers have all made a little update here and a tweak there. If your brand is watered down, confusing and lost it’s razor edge it’s definitely time to bring it back in line.


Next at 9…


You’ve evolved your vision. ReDEfined your values

'It’s just not ‘on point’ anymore!’

These are subtle changes that occur over time. You haven’t changed your positioning or your marketplace, but you’ve evolved. Or maybe you simply understand so much more about your business and the value it gives to your customers than you did at the outset. We are often blinded to this when first launching our businesses and it’s not until you have years of experience under your belt that you realise the brand you created at the start just doesn’t reflect your real business or flatter your true assets.



Number 8 is a position most of us would love to be in…


You’ve grown significantly

'My brand’s too small! It’s shrunk in the spin cycle!’


 Have you grown in leaps and bounds since originally branding your business? Do you find yourselves in a whole new playing field competing in far superior leagues than ever before? It’s time to up-level your brand to compete with the big boys. Exciting!



Number 7 is all about demonstrating your value…


Try as you might, you can’t seem to charge what you want to charge

'It's started to look and feel cheap!'

Outdated or poorly positioned brands can really impact on the amount you can charge which obviously massively affects your bottomline. If you want to raise your prices or if you simply struggle to persuade people to pay your current rates it’s probably time to put the bling back into your brand. 



Number 6, this one's a no-brainer…


You are merging or have acquired another business 

'There are two of us now, we need more room in this brand!'


 It’s not often that you can fit an entirely different business into an existing brand, and it’s rare that you would ever want to. Joining forces with another business is likely to bring many new facets to your offering. Rebranding to align your positioning and reflect your dual offering is essential to minimise any confusion and put all those fabulous benefits on show for all to see!



Then at 5…


Your brand has become tired and dated

'Ughhh I’m so embarrassed to turn up in this old thing again!'

 If you are at the stage that you flush with embarrassment when someone asks you for a business card or your web address, that’s a sure indication that you need to overhaul your brand. Imagine how much more impact you'll have if you and your team are so proud of your brand that you can’t wait for people to discover it. Even your enthusiasm alone will be a magnet!



Number 4 is all about alignment…


You’ve changed your strategy and/or direction

'The buttons are popping on my brand! It's way too restrictive!’

 Is your business repositioning in any way? Perhaps to take advantage of new markets. Or maybe you have redefined your goals, or harnessed new, cutting-edge technology which has resulted in changing your USP. If your business is transforming in a big way you’ll need to reengineer your brand to reflect this and ensure both business and brand are completely aligned. Rebranding is the clearest way to make these changes visible to the outside world, reshape people’s existing perceptions and get them on board your new journey.



There’s no escaping number 3…


You need to distance yourself from a bad reputation

'That’s torn it!'

If your reputation is damaged or tarnished in any way, for whatever reason, then you are fighting a losing battle. Trying to get back on track with your existing brand will be virtually impossible. It’s time for a clean slate! Rebrand, and perhaps rename, to visually disconnect your business from what happened before.



Number 2 is something many businesses struggle with…


Your brand has little or no differentiation

'Eeeek everyone has turned up wearing the same outfit!'

 Yes us girls literally freak if someone turns up to a party in the same dress as us! If your brand is not differentiated it’s the same thing… imagine turning up to an event full of your competitors all wearing the same thing. Speaking in the same tone and repeating the same things. Your customers will expire from boredom and the only way you’ll get any business is by default. Differentiation is not an option. It’s imperative! Do or die!



And finally at number 1, our top reason to rebrand your business…


Your customers have stopped engaging

'No one notices me in this anymore!'

If you are struggling to maintain the impact you once had in your market it could be time for a whole new look. Perhaps you are so familiar you’ve almost become invisible, a bit like that well-worn cardy in your wardrobe that doesn’t get a look in anymore. And if your market is very competitive or brand-centric you could be overshadowed by all those upstarts and newcomers entering the arena with their shiny new brands and super enticing messages. When your customers stop engaging and are clearly shopping elsewhere you have no choice but to analyse why and restructure your offering to make sure it is in tune with what they want. And then the best way to reveal your new and improved proposition is with a stunning new brand identity that perfectly encapsulates everything you have become, resonates with your audience and is therefore virtually impossible to ignore!  


But as exciting as the prospect of rebranding can be, there are clearly also times when it's unnecessary 


Rebranding can have a hugely positive impact on your business. It can put you in the spotlight. Help you realign your identity to your updated strategy, vision or values. It can attract lots of new customers and reignite existing relationships. But there are times it could potentially be detrimental... If you haven’t changed direction. If your customers are still engaging and you can charge what you want to. If you are still relevant and differentiated and having no trouble attracting new customers. In short, if your business isn’t facing any of the challenges listed above it may be that rebranding is like slipping out of that comfy dress that fits like a glove and brings out the colour of your eyes... into something new and flash but washes you out and just doesn’t feel quite right. 


And it may not sit well with your loyal customer base either. People buy for emotional reasons and it stacks up that they become emotionally attached to the brands they have really connected with. If you make sweeping changes it could imply that there are huge shifts below the surface and your customers could become unnerved that the brand they love may change beyond recognition. We’ve all experienced that ‘oh no what have they done!’ moment. If you’re concerned about appearing outdated to new potential customers it could be that simple, smart and well-executed updates are all that's needed to keep your brand on point.


If you are seriously considering rebranding your business but are just not sure whether it’s the right thing to do or when would be the best time time, why not give me a call on 07718 579963. I’d love to chat with you about your business and could possibly help by conducting a free brand audit.



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