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by Mickey Wilson, Firestarter

Brand architect


For over 20 years I was the founding partner in an agency that specialised in creating brands and campaigns for big blue-chip companies… Tesco, Samsung, Ocado and CIMA to name just a few. But it was the smaller businesses we worked for that fired me up the most. The ventures fuelled by passion, determination and courage. I launched Firestarter to level the playing field for driven entrepreneurs, to give them access to the kind of skills that the 'Goliaths' take for granted.


I believe that it's the things that make us different that are the source of our true value to others. When we embrace our uniqueness we deliver results in a way that no one else can. I'm in my element when we help business owners to discover and understand their unique value, and then find an ingeniously effective way to communicate this to their audience. 


We create brands that are bold and brave and real. Brands that overflow with texture, depth and meaning. Differentiated and authentic to the hilt and oozing personality, these types of brands are impossible to emulate. Better still they give business owners and their teams a serious advantage over their competitors... they have a license to shine and a platform to grow while all the time they are just being themselves, adding value by doing exactly what they do best. That's what I call the best type of brand!

What can we ignite for your business?


our brand values ARE :     ingenuity  .  Differentiation  .  freedom  .  authenticity  .  meaning  .  fun  .  WHAT’S YOURS?​

Mickey Wilson, Firestarter
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