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We believe that it's the things that make us different that are the source of our true value to others. When we embrace our uniqueness we deliver results in a way that no one else can. 


As Firestarters we’re in our element when we help business owners to discover and understand their unique value, and then find an ingeniously effective way to communicate it. 


We create brands that are bold and brave and real. Brands that overflow with texture, depth and meaning. Differentiated and authentic to the hilt and oozing personality, these types of brands are hard to ignore and impossible to emulate. Better still, they give business owners and their teams a serious advantage over their competitors... a license to shine and a platform to grow while all the time they are just being themselves, adding value by doing exactly what they do best. 


Generating value in your business as well as your brand. Now that’s what we call branding!


What can we ignite for your business?


five core values:

ingenuity  .  courage  .  authenticity  .  playfulness  .  unity  .  WHAT’S YOURS?​



So what makes US different? A unique blend of:


Branding and Psychology   


We bring together decades of commercial expertise and unbridled ingenuity from the world of branding with profound, game-changing insights from a deep understanding of psychology.  


The result? Our brands work on a cellular level. We understand people. We tap into intuition. We connect with hearts, minds and souls. 


In other words: We craft powerfully irresistible identities that work from the inside out to grow businesses!

three full-time firestarters:

Chris endersby

Founding Firestarter, Psychological Coach


Lead Creative

Mickey Wilson

Founding Firestarter, Brand Architect

One compelling vision:

 Our vision is to create freedom.

Through fearless, collaborative ingenuity we aim to make dreams more achievable, life more fulfilling and business more rewarding for everyone we work with.

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